Our Adult Programs are an innovative, motivating and fun environment. A path to success for every player is created by providing instruction and placing them on a team where they will build relationships, enjoy camaraderie, gain confidence and get support from instructors and peers.

We focus on stroke fundamentals while incorporating match play to keep things fun and interesting. All players, no matter what level, are given the opportunity to be part of this unique and motivating program.

No matter what level or class (see below), our Adult Classes focus on five essential elements critical to every player’s development.

Play and practice
A social, team atmosphere
Physical training

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals on court, whether it's improving to join a team, playing in a tournament, or just learning to play!


All players will be assessed by our teaching professionals prior to admission into the program to make sure you are placed in the correct class for your abilities. 


We have 2 levels of play for the Adult Programs, beginner or intermediate.


The Beginner Class focuses on stroke technique and learning the basics of the game. This class will teach you the correct grips, ground strokes (forehand and backhand), volleys, overheads, and the serve. You do not need to be able to hit against other players to take this class.

The Advanced Beginners Class will start to incorporate playing points against other players so you can learn scoring and begin to gain confidence in rallies. This class will still primarily focus on improving technique and learning the basic strokes.


The Intermediate Class will focus more on live-ball drills and hitting with or against other players. This class is designed to help players learn how to construct points, when they need to be on offense or defense, and improve your shot selection. There will be a portion of each class dedicated to improving strokes, but you MUST be able to rally with other players to join this class.


Please contact our Pro Shop staff to register:

(407) 254-9878

Fort Gatlin Tennis Center
2009 Lake Margaret Dr
Orlando, FL 32806


Adult Clinic's take place on Wednesday night's from 7:00 - 8:30

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Adult Group Classes

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